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Custom Cabinets Alhambra

Trying to find custom cabinets? Whether you are seeking to upgrade your kitchen, restroom, or any other room in your home, custom-made cabinets can be the ideal option. Our custom cabinet service lies in Alhambra, California and we provide a range of custom cabinets options so that you get exactly what you desire!

Whether it be custom kitchen cabinets or custom bath cabinets, our group can assist make your dream come to life with high quality items at economical prices. We pride ourselves on offering 100% consumer complete satisfaction with every job completed.

Structure cabinets is an intricate task and most property owners do not have the time or skills to do it right. A lot of kitchen area redesigning companies desire you to buy their cabinets, which are often inexpensively made and delivered from overseas. These cheap cabinets will not hold up in time and can cost you more in the long run.

Here at El Monte Custom Cabinets we offer premium custom-made kitchen cabinetry that will last for many years. Our team of expert craftsmen utilize only top-notch products, consisting of hardwood plywood with strong wood face frames, hinges, drawer boxes and cabinet backs. All our items are 100% adjustable so we can construct any design your heart desires!

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen areas are among the most important spaces in your home. They’re utilized for everything from cooking and consuming to entertaining guests, but they’re also one of the hardest spaces to style.

There are many various things that go into designing a cooking area that it can be difficult to understand where to start. You might desire custom-made cabinets, however you don’t understand how much area you have or what sort of countertops will work best with your sink placement. If now is the best time for redesigning at all, or maybe you’re simply not sure.

We’ve developed hundreds of kitchen areas here at El Monte Custom Cabinets over our history and we ‘d love to help make yours ideal! Our team has helped countless house owners design their dream cooking areas by offering professional guidance on every element including cabinetry, counter tops, tile backsplashes and more! Whether your task is little or big we would enjoy a chance to reveal you why.

Customized Bath Cabinets

You may be searching for a method to upgrade the appearance and performance of your restroom.

Your existing bathroom cabinets are getting old, outdated, or just plain unsightly. You may have currently tried to clean up the cabinets by yourself, however it didn’t work out too well due to the fact that they were developed with low-quality products and low-cost craftsmanship in mind.

At El Monte Custom Cabinets we understand how important it is for our customers to get high quality items that will last a very long time without breaking down on them. That’s why we only utilize wood from sustainable forests in our custom-made vanities and cabinets building and construction process – no particle board here! We likewise focus on information when constructing our custom-made vanities & cabinets, to ensure that your cabinets are precisely as you imagined.

Custom-made Hardwood Countertops

While various countertop products are on the market today, none quite compare with the natural charm of a customized wood countertop.

Countertops can be made from many various materials, however wood is still one of the most popular choices for restrooms and cooking areas alike. Not all wood is produced equivalent.

When it comes to choosing your ideal hardwood counter top product there are 2 primary choices available– solid surface area and conventional wooden slabs. Strong surface areas supply a seamless appearance while maintaining sturdiness and longevity with time even as they resist stains far better than their plank counterparts do. This suggests that your cooking area will always look its finest no matter just how much usage it gets which makes them ideal for hectic families who need

What’s the best wood for custom-made cabinets?

The best wood for custom cabinetry is widely considered red oak, poplar, maple. The important detail to consider is that while many woods can be processed into beautiful cabinets (pine especially) it’s worth recognizing that these more “exotic” woods may not offer the same level of durability or stability if used in high-traffic area like kitchens and bathrooms.

You’ll want to consider how the custom cabinets will be used, and what you intend to store in them before deciding on your preferred type of wood. A great cabinet for storing books might have finger-jointed edges that give it a less boxy appearance and are easier to open than boards sealed with a solid edge.

Just how much does it cost for custom cabinets?

Although every project is unique with customized cabinets. The cost can differ due to the size, materials used, distinct requirements. Having a general rate estimation is hard to do. The typical homeowner can anticipate to pay $500 to $1,200 per direct foot for custom-made cabinetry. Compare this with generally spending about half of that (in between $250 and $650) on a home builder’s variety where they just sell what type of starts as currently assembled products.

Built-in Cabinets

Lots of house owners are looking for methods to take full advantage of the space in their homes. The issue is that much of us don’t know how to do this without investing a great deal of cash on brand-new furniture or floor covering, which can be really costly and time consuming.

Built-ins provide an inexpensive way to produce more storage space within your home. They likewise assist you get arranged by offering a location for whatever and keeping things off the floor where they’re harder to find. When there’s a cabinet designated simply for them, it’s much easier to put away meals!

In addition, built-ins give you extra counter top space in kitchen areas, living spaces, bathrooms– anywhere that might use it! Plus, they include visual interest while using up less square footage than other alternatives like bookshelves or entertainment centers would require.

The Story of Alhambra California

Alhambra California is a general law city with over 210,000 people residing in the area. Many of the homes and businesses in this locale are situated near major freeways, like The Golden State (I-5) and The San Bernardino Freeway (I-10). A number of schools within Alhambra have received accolades for their high test scores among young adults and an award has been given to some local teenagers for their efforts against child abuse awareness. A brief history of Alhambra would reveal that it was settled by farmers who left Mexico to escape civil war.
Originally Alhambra was founded with the name of “Miralia” by Julian de Ramirez who was an “alcalde”. The original community here had been created by Spanish missionaries to be used as overflow housing for Indian people on nearby missions–San Antonio de Padua and Santiago de Compostela. These Indians found it difficult to collect enough goods for trade because their agricultural skills were limited. So they would have to leave their villages periodically for days at a time to barter with other tribes or pick up commodities at markets.

El Monte Custom Cabinets Logo

You have a whole garage filled with tools, sports equipment and seasonal items that are using up space in your home. Setting up new cabinets is the initial step towards getting organized! Cabinets can be installed on any wall or ceiling, giving you more storage than a typical garage shelf system. Our custom-made cabinet systems permit boundless organization possibilities to keep all of your possessions protected and safe.

With our adjustable choices, we can develop a set-up that works best for you! We also offer mobile services to help store power tools and other bulky items away from living spaces. Our cabinetry systems are developed with quality products including steel framing, durable laminate finishes and accuracy hardware components like soft close hinges. Call today to start getting organized, and get a totally free quote. We service the El Monte, California area, so give us a call today!

Just how much Does it Cost to Install a Garage Cabinet?

The cost will vary since we only do custom cabinets for garage. This will depend on the size and likewise on what material you choose to build it with, so call for a complimentary assessment and let us work out some numbers with you! Custom garage cabinets are not an "off-the-shelf" item that has one price. Custom-made tasks are done based upon your objectives and requirements, which can differ greatly depending upon the tools you wish to keep in your garage.

How Long Does it take to Install Storage Cabinets for Garage?

Depending on the size of the project, we can typically get a brand-new cabinet project done within a few weeks. We'll work very hard to ensure it does not take go past the estimated projection date - and we pride ourselves on getting jobs finished quickly! We'll likewise make certain to provide you an estimate. In this manner, you can make an educated choice about whether cabinets are an excellent fit for your home.

How do I maximize my garage area?

Decluttering your garage with a strong declutter strategy is the primary step to optimizing area. Eliminate whatever you do not need from old clothes and shoes to old cardboard boxes that are not used. You'll be surprised how much easier it is to discover room for all the important things you LOVE once you eliminate all the clutter.

Wherever possible, keep items stored on their end rather than vertically so they utilize less horizontal space and more vertical; likewise, utilize stacking dog crates or drawers and categorize as much as possible to decrease search time. As an overarching rule of thumb - if it does not serve numerous purposes then eliminate it! If you need some help with your garage cabinets in El Monte, California, give us a call today!

Wall Mounted Garage Cabinets

Wall installed cabinets are a terrific way to optimize vertical space. If you've got a small garage and there is either no floor space left or it's gridlocked with things like an old bike, a ton of tools, lawn mower, snow shovels, snow brushes and other scrap that's settled on your floor or spread around the perimeter this could be simply the answer. Spend some time clearing out your garage floor, set up some shelving for any easy-to-reach items (by utilizing that wall) then install you cabinet as high as possible so your items do not take over the within your house too.

Wood Garage Cabinets

Wood garage cabinets provide lots of benefits to house owners. Whether you're touching up an older house or choosing something new, wood garage cabinets are a great addition for your renovation job. Wood garage cabinets can be custom-made developed by our knowledgeable group of designers, ensuring that the best mix of features will complement both your personal design and the look of your house's interior decoration. With a lot of offerings to pick from - metal handles or knobs, box or euro styling- we have tons of choices to meet all your requirements! Get wood garage cabinets installed at your home or office in El Monte, California.

Various Types of Wood for your Garage Storage Cabinets

A few of the more common cabinet woods are oak, maple, cherry, walnut and beech. Other woods such as pine and ash can be utilized to make cabinets as well; typically for cheaper home products like built-in shelving units. Cabinet doors and drawer faces likewise produce patterns in style depending upon the grain of wood.

Wood panels are typically darker than the natural surface they were treated with due to this natural process. For example: if a panel was bamboo finished, it will look lighter than an incomplete panel most likely because it's been stained or painted which offers off a slightly different tone than bare wood (like cherry). So give us ac all and we can review some samples to get the garage storage cabinet of your dreams.

Custom cabinets can be overwhelming at times particularly if you are an amateur, however our style specialists are here to help! We'll take a seat with you and discuss your requirements. Next we'll review samples of wood garage cabinets that complement the theme of your home or business so that they match in both design and function. If you have any questions about designs, material alternatives our team of specialists are ready and waiting to partner with you. Give us a call today or fill out our web form and we'll help you select the very best wood and design that both your requirements and style choices!

Cool Facts About El Monte California

El Monte California is a small city located at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. You may recognize it in popular culture for being featured as "Arvin" on ABC's hit show, Breaking Bad. Many people are surprised to learn that the town was originally founded in 1915 by and is currently home to over 100 thousand residents with a wide diversity of cultures and background (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Iranian), making it one of the most culturally rich towns near Los Angeles County. There are many architectural site within El Monte California that can be admired all around town like Forest Lawn Memorial Park where Marilyn Monroe was interned in 1995 or The Historic Center started dating back to 1892.
The etymology of El Monte's name also means "mountain pass" in Spanish. The ē from the original ēl monte has been dropped, so this is how its name can be translated to English. This reference to a mountain pass reminds us that there were once many travel routes across what is now Southern California, and El Monte was one of the most heavily traveled roads. As recently as sixty years ago, it was part of the route followed by U.S. Highway 99—the road from Los Angeles to San Francisco—and several gas stations still lie on or near Milepost 27, which was historically referred to as Humble Service Station Number 27 (HSS27).